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USS sponsors family in Brentwood Home Page’s Be Healthy Challenge

Many of us start off the beginning of the year with big goals and resolutions.

You might have said “This year, I’m going to lose those pounds for once and for all!” only to realize that it’s almost the middle of April, and you still feel like you haven’t made progress. As time ticks on, the new year excitement fades and so does the resolve.

Maybe you’ll find the inspiration you need in the blogs of the Brentwood Home Page Be Healthy Challenge.

The Be Healthy Challenge is a 12-week fitness challenge, which aims to provide Williamson County residents with the tools necessary to lose weight and get active. But, don’t let that stop you from challenging yourself!

USS is proud to sponsor Brad Akard, and his wife, in the challenge. We look forward to reading about their progress over the next few weeks.

Did You Know?
Tennessee has the fourth highest adult obesity rate in the nation. A report released in December noted that a lack of physical activity was a leading cause.


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