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Tennessee sinkholes can be very damaging to a home. Contact United Structural Systems, Inc. if you think you may have a sinkhole on your property.

Signs of a sinkhole

  • Depressions or holes in yard
  • Cracks in mortar joints or bricks
  • Windows, doors sticking
  • Cracks in driveways or sidewalks
Bricks cracking can be a sign of Tennessee sinkholes.

Bricks cracking
Cracks in your brick can be one sign of foundation and structural issues.

Sinkholes can appear anywhere in Middle Tennessee.

Tennessee sinkholes
Sinkholes in Tennessee can appear anywhere, because of the type of soil surrounding Middle Tennessee.

Sinkhole remediation & repair

Sinkhole remediation & repair
Steel underpinning strengthens the foundation of an existing structure. Using the weight of the home or structure, stabilization of the foundation can be achieved.

Don’t let sinkholes in Tennessee scare you! USS, Inc. can help.


That word can evoke a sense of fear and dread in any homeowner. Sinkholes are a common occurrence in the Tennessee area, because of the type of rock below the surface of most of Middle TN. Limestone, which makes up the vast majority of Tennessee, tends to be a very dissolvable sedimentary rock, comprised primarily of minerals.

Clarksville and other areas surrounding Middle TN are especially susceptible to sinkholes as a result of the deep caverns and caves that run below the ground in that area. See a sinkhole map to see where most sinkholes in Tennessee are found.

What should you look for, if you think you have a developing sinkhole?

One is to look for obvious signs of structural areas in the home such as bricks cracking on the exterior of your home, windows sticking and doors jamming.

Take a walk around the outside of the home and look for cracks in driveways, sidewalks and pavement. But, the most obvious way to tell if you have a sinkhole is to look for a depression in the yard or near your foundation.

Call us immediately if you are concerned about sinkholes.

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