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Poor drainage affects a home’s foundation

Poor drainage around your home has more drawbacks than just creating annoying puddles. Over time, water damage to your home’s foundation causes serious structural problems that require costly repair.

In this video, you will learn how a poor drainage system can destroy your home’s foundation. Erosion and cracking in your foundation result from pressure caused by absorbed water. You will find instruction on remedying poor drainage, including directing pipes and gutters away from your foundation, and hiring a structural specialist to inspect your foundation.

At United Structural Systems, we provide long-term waterproofing and foundation repair for homes throughout Middle Tennessee. Call us at (615) 227-2275 for more information or a free estimate.


The United Structural Systems team is devoted to resolving your concrete, foundation and waterproofing needs. Give us a call today to diagnose problems in your home or commercial project. 615-227-2275

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